Danish Site Search!

by Steen Öhman on 27. February 2009

The Danish publisher Gyldendal has recently published the great Danish encyclopaedia on the web. The idea is that all the web users can access the huge material online. The new service represents 54 kg of contents in the printed version, and is found on the site: www.denstoredanske.dk.

Site Search
The site includes a site search functionality based on the Lucene search engine. This functionality is not working very well. I have tried with miss spellings and synonyms, and many search queries end op without a result – but with a sometimes relevant “Did you mean”.

Miss spellings
Well the word encyklopædi (encyclopaedia in Danish) gives no result if it’s miss spelled ensyklopædi – see below.

ensyklopaedi miss spelling

Is it a problem or could they do better?
Well it’s an easy word to spell so no worries … you might say. But still I think a Site Search should do better and give some results on a word like this – it’s very close to the product and brand you might say!

It’s a problem with Danish and other small languages, as some search engines are quite poor in handling miss spellings. But what is an acceptable level?

What are your opinions on this – please leave your comments.

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