SEO David Naylor on reputation management

by Steen Öhman on 21. March 2009

Reputation management using SEO was not very well known in Denmark until 2008, where a big financial scandal brought the topic to the media.

The IT Factory scandal
A company called IT Factory was closed down, after CEO the left the company, his wife and everything else on a business trip to Dubai.

People at that point began to investigate the CEO, Stein Bagger, and it turned out he had used a SEO firm to do reputation management. The SEO Company had optimized pages to push down negative posts and articles about the CEO.

From that day reputation management using SEO was a part of the PR toolkit even in Denmark. And with social media growing i’m sure reputation management will be a very important part of the SEO job in the years to come

David Naylor on reputation management
At Search Engine Strategies in London reputation management, and reputation management was one of the key topics.

The very competent and colourful SEO David Naylor spoke on reputation management at SES London 2009. Here is what he said when he was interviewed after the session.

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